Escape Game Decode Putler, Decode Room. Vilnius.
Escape Game Decode Putler, Decode Room. Vilnius.
Escape Game Decode Putler, Decode Room. Vilnius.

Escape Game Decode Putler

Players 2—6 players
Age Age restriction 8+
Time 60 min. to complete

About the game Decode Putler

Become the Secret Service A-team with a group of friends and find compromising material that is hidden in ultra-secret Putler’s apartment in Moscow. You will get there with the help of teleportation technology, and must escape before security returns. So hurry, the punishment will be ruthless!

The whole apartment is encoded. The team must work in 2 groups, because there are 2 separated rooms in the flat that are not identical and only with the efforts of both groups the secret can be found. The most challenging for both groups of the team is to cooperate and share the information and items, as mutual visibility and audibility is highly limited here, and there is no possibility to have a direct contact with each other.

Only after the compromise is found, can both groups escape from the room and come back to Vilnius. Your task is complicated and the risk is high. Do you dare to enter ‘Putler’s’ secret hideout?!


Photos escape game Decode Putler


Address escape game Decode Putler

Vilnius, Geležinkelio st. 6, Vilnius
+370 666 ... Show phone number

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